State Championship Event! - June 16, 2012

Alabama Quick Chess Championship Report

Thank you very much for playing in Alabama Quick Chess Championship on June 16,2012.

Please click the link below for your updated quick ratings:-

60 players played in the tournament and following are the winners in each section.

  • First Place  - Stephen Adams
  • Second Place - AJ Goldsby, Scott Varagona
  • U/1700 Place - Miles Melvin
RESERVE (U/1500)
  • First Place - Tristen Kozinski
  • Second Place - Jonathan Rasberry
  • U/1300 Place - Eric Wang
  • First Place - Kelly Chen
  • Second Place - Hriday Bhambhvani
  • Third Place - Eric He
  • First Place - Riley Smith
  • Second Place - Rachelle Wu
  •  Third Place - Aniteja Ponna

Thanks again for all your participation. We will see you all in our next tournament.



CHESS ANTICS: Click on the link to view